Eddie went picture blog

Eddie went picture blog Clyde Aikau about to paddle out 66 years old You could smell the sea salt in the air that day; the energy was like no other. As the morning light dawned on the waves at Waimea, even an uneducated, non-surf layman could gather that the waves were already really Big and

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Five things we give thanks for

Christmas Holidays in Hawaii

TAMATO says : “I’m sure this is hard for some people to imagine, but I’ve been surfing the infamous Banzai Pipeline since I was twelve years old. Guess what? After all these years… I’m still highly addicted!” – #photo #by #badass #water #photographer @phiiirrrip . #surfer #tamayoperry .

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Kahuku Farms

Kahuku Farms Kahuku Farms has spectacular views Kahuku Farms is definitely one of my favorite places to eat and by far one of the most healthiest cuisines around. They also pretty much grow everything at, and around their facility and make their delightful foods from scratch. From Farm, right to

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Valentines Day gifts for him and her

Valentines Day gifts for him and her underwater shoot At Oahu Surfing Experience, we can honestly say, we know about passion. We practically eat, sleep and breath the ocean. It is our life-force and a big part of our driving motivation. Deep in this vast and at times lonely expanse known as the

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Ten great lunch places to eat at in Hawaii

Saving the Hawiian duck

Saving the Hawiian duck cutest ever baby duck saved Tamayo and I Saved this guy from drowning in the ocean amongst heavy seas. He got really lost. The mum was gone. Called the bird wild life people and they came right away. They think it could be a Koloa, which just so happens to be the only

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