help protect our oceans

help protect our oceans help protect our oceans Last night I went for an evening run down the beach; soaking up the final light of the day and completely enjoying the golden glow hour. When I reached the end of the beach at Keiki, I was soon stricken with sadness. There was a baby melon-headed

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surfing is fun

TAMATO says : “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ;)” – #photo #by #tamayoperry #pipeline #green #room during #golden #hour . #Northshore #oahu #hawaii is filled with #beauty . #natural #wave #art . #surf #sun & #surfing @oahusurfingexperience

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Ten great lunch places to eat at in Hawaii

first ever Peahi Challenge

first ever Peahi Challenge With all the, “Most giant El Nino ever” hype surrounding this years 2015 Hawaii big wave winter season, it only makes sense that the first ever Peahi Challenge is scheduled and set to run today, Sunday December 6. Bright eyed and bushy tailed with an early 7:30am

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North shore happenings february 2016

North shore happenings february 2016 Brought to you by: OahuSurfingExperience North shore happenings february 2016 North shore happenings february 2016 is written and updated as of Thursday 2/18/2016 at 11:00am. So you wanna know what’s going on in the islands? View from Waimea bay when swimming

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Christmas Holidays in Hawaii

TAMATO says : “I’m sure this is hard for some people to imagine, but I’ve been surfing the infamous Banzai Pipeline since I was twelve years old. Guess what? After all these years… I’m still highly addicted!” – #photo #by #badass #water #photographer @phiiirrrip . #surfer #tamayoperry .

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5 rules you must do surfing

5 rules you must do surfing As the art of surfing is now going to become an induction into the 2020 Japan Olympics, this highly enjoyable little sport of ours is just going to get more popular than ever. That means, with more popularity, more people in the water. Which then translates… People

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